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Therapy is intended to help people with making changes. These changes may involve thinking differently, feeling differently, and/or acting differently. Therapy is intended to be a process in which one moves along in their development, that enhances their relationships with others, and that helps them adjust and face challenges.

How therapy is conducted is influenced by the nature of the difficulty one is experiencing. It is influenced by one's age or stage of development particularly with therapy involving children being much different than that with adolescents and adults. It can be influenced by the special and unique needs of men and woman, boys and girls.

While the particular approach in therapy will be influenced by the special needs of the individual child, adolescent, or adult it should be managed in a professional manner with someone skillfully using well-accepted principles to guide this process of change. We have the training and experience to help children, adolescents, and adults address their challenges, meet their particular needs, and help our clients move along toward their personal goals or destination.

Psychological Assessment

When indicated, we offer comprehensive testing and evaluation services. Among the types of evaluations we provide are psychological evaluations to help guide appropriate therapeutic intervention; psychological evaluations to determine current psychological functioning for legal or other allied professionals, comprehensive ADHD (ADD) assessment of children, adolescents, and adults; psychoeducational testing and learning disability screening, including Intelligence Testing (IQ) and Achievement Testing.